Zoe Trope


In this project, we are making a ZoeTrope. A ZoeTrope is make out of a motor, 9V batter, 10 ohms sensors, cables, H- Bridege, Potentiometer, switches, and battery Snap. The experiment is not difficult, but the coding part is significant. The purpose of the assignment was to bring into practice the concept of creating the illusion of motion from a group of still images that have small changes in them. Each of the image is the action of the hand. The hand is dancing and image is cutting from a dancing hand’s video. It is interesting that we can observe the detail of how hand dancing work. The zoetrope that animates a carnivorous plant. In the motoriezed pinwheel project I got a motor to under the strip paper. Since there is a H – bridge, we are able to turn the switches counter-clockwise, or clockwise. Two direction are available since the H- bridge is set. If the spin 3 is low ,and 2 is hight the motor will spin in one direction, and vice versa. The most difficult part of this project is to make the woonden base balance. Since there is large scale of strip of paper with the image inside the zoetrope. It is not easy to make the center point completely right. This experiement demonsrate how electricity runs from a motor to the spin wheel to create a series image because our human eyes can only see 30 images per second. That’s 30 fps, so we can feel that it is like a movies effect.